Human rights complaints New Zealand,evidential proof #1, Wairarapa Times age, Tumanako hope to fill care gap for addicts.


Human rights complaints Newzealand, Wairarapa Times age, Tumanako hope to fill the care gap for addicts.
Evidential Proof #1

My name is Paul Riddler, i was the secratary of a support group based in, Wairarapa.
The above article was in the Wairarapa Times Age, this article has been deleted off the internet.

The reason it has been deleted, is due to my serious, systemic complaint that was lodged with the New Zealand, Nationwide health and disability advocacy service.

This complaint has been systemically concealed/covered-up, first by the health care providers my complaint was against and then by multiple New Zealand government entities including , Health and disability commissioner, Human rights commissioner, Office of human rights proceedings, Newzealand ACC, and the Newzealand Ombudsmen.

Through trying to seek accountability for my serious complaint my partner and i have been subjected to covert surviellance and actions of my Vodafone mobile data and cell phone, 2Degrees cell phone.
My partner and i, have had our lives destroyed by the Nationwide health and disabilty advocacy service which is a New Zealand government entity.

My complaint file held by HDC advocacy has been corrupted, important information was intentionally deleted by my advocate.

The damage that has been done due to the corrupt complaints mechanism is horrific, my partner had a severe stroke that almost took her life, i am her principle carer now.
I am also disabled from a, TBI, traumatic brain injury which i recieved as a victim of crime.
There has been no accountability, no transpearancy, and worst of all no empathy.

I have made multiple official information requests of New Zealand government entities, here is the link,

I will be posting all document to prove the systemic cover-up that has dstroyed our lives.

Paul Riddler, TBIunderdog.

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