New Zealand democracy “false facade”

Restoring New Zealand democracy, please give your opinion,

Facebook page, John Key has let down New Zeand is a very large political focus group with representation from multiple political parties.

We as sovereign citizens of the state, other wise known as New Zealand, (i prefer Aotearoa)

Can appoint a representative to make direct submissions to parliament, *in person*regarding issues of democracy.

John key during a speech 2007, made this statement, Quote: New Zealanders get the democracy they stand up for, unquote.

The issues we should focus on are, 1* Amendments to the, ERA 2* HNZ houses being sold, 3* Amendments to the already intrusive GCSB bill.

Reasons why:  1* Amendments to the ERA, *were passed under urgency* which bypassed the select committee, which prevents submissions from community based NGOs like the unions and law society, *legislature and laws passed under urgency is over used, and subverts fair democratic representation from citizens of the state, thats me and you.

2* The sale of housing NZ houses, John Key and the nats, *do not have the mandate to sell HNZ houses, John Key did not inform the New Zealand public about selling these houses prior to the September 20 2014 general election, he *with held* very important information, *these actions denied citizens of the state a fair and just democratic election, citizens of the state could not make a informed decision about , who to vote for, *or wether to vote at all*
Note: If John Key had of annouced the sale of HNZ houses *before the election* the outcome of the election would have been very different, *the missing million would have been woken up by fear of further poverty and homelessness.

So John Key subverted the September 20 2014 general election, he denied citizens of the state of Aotearoa a democratic election.

3* Amendments to the GCSB bill, same as 1*, the initial GCSB bill *was passed under urgency* the amendment will also be *passed under urgency*

Forward:  JKHLDNZ needs a duely appointed representative to make submissions directley to parliament on our behalf, we can also use the petition labour ran where 50,000 people.

Here is a link to the human rights commissioners office, democracy:
New Zealand democracy.

I have also started a FB group with a focus on New Zealand democracy :

(New Zealand democracy action group)

We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

As a collective we can effect positive change.



New Zealand democracy is a false facade which fosters a endemic culture of corruption that serves the very wealthy, this diverts money away from where it is most needed in the community, child poverty and homelessness are not regarded as important.

Paul Riddler,  TBI underdog

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