Is the New Zealand Parliament about to drop commitment to the rule of law?

New Zealand’s rule of law to be dropped from the statute books via the judicature modernisation bill, New Zealand’s parliamentry sovereignty will be eroded, will this allow trans pasific partnership TPPA corporations the power to re-write New Zealand laws, the New Zealand judicature modernisation bill is heading towards its third reading, Jacinda Ardern New Zealand Labour party has viewed serious concern about New Zealand’s “rule of law” being ommitted from the statue books, Jacinda Ardern has added supplementry order papers towards ammendments to the judicature modernisation bill, 1. retain New Zealand’s committment to rule of law, 2. Te tiriti o Waitang.

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wellington-new-zealand-parlament480The New Zealand Parliament seems about to drop that country’s commitment to the rule of law from the Act underpinning the judicial branch. Retiring Supreme Court judge (and former Solicitor-General) Sir John McGrath thinks that’s worrying. He’s right. There’s still time for ex-pat Kiwis to lobby the Minister of Justice.

One of the first legislative measures of the young South Pacific colony, back in 1841, drafted in part by the Birmingham born first Chief Justice, Sir William Martin, was the creation of what is now known as the High Court of New Zealand.

That legislation has been updated over the years, significantly in the 1880s before consolidation in 1908 in the Judicature Act. That Act was overseen by the country’s fourth Chief Justice, the remarkable, Shetland born, Sir Robert Stout.

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