Valerie Morse: “peace without justice – is pacification”

New Zealand National government led by John Key supports and condones horrific human rights abuses abroad and at home, under PM John Keys dictatorship we have seen New Zealands standing as one of the most socially advanced counties in the world decline to a devided class system that punishes the most vulnerable with toxic human rights violating social policies.


Peace activist Valerie Morse has been running Peace Action Wellington and Rebel Press for over ten years, and is the author of Against Freedom: The War on Terrorism in Everyday New Zealand Life. These are Valerie’s written answers to a set of questions for activists.

Valerie Morse. Source: New Zealand Listener

Did you grow up in a politicised family? How did the politics of your childhood home affect you?

I am a child of US-propaganda, of the Cold War and of Reaganomics. My parents were not political people in my childhood, although they became so much later in my life. Funnily enough, however, my father’s hatred of the police is something I definitely inherited. I remember so vividly how he used to call them “the village idiots.” I really appreciate the effect on me of his total loathing of illegitimate authority.

What politicised you? Did you have a penny drop…

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