About, Human rights complaints New Zealand.

About: Human rights complaints New Zealand,

Greetings, My name is Paul Riddler; I have started this website to bring attention to the plight of vulnerable, disabled, sick and injured New Zealand citizens.
The vulnerable citizens of New Zealand are having their human and civil rights violated by multiple New Zealand government organisation, which includes the following, Health and disability commissioner, Nationwide health and disability advocacy service, Human rights commissioner, Ombudsmen, Office of human rights proceedings, Ministry of Health and ,ACC, accident compensation corporation.
The following is a basic outline of the, negligence, unlawful actions, subversion and lies, that has destroyed my life, and my partners.
Many of the actions listed below have violated multiple, United Nations treaties, New Zealand has ratified, including the, united declaration of human rights {UDHR}, and the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities {CRPD}.
This is a brief of the events, please be aware, I am a traumatic brain injury survivor, and have cognitive disabilities.
2011: Wairarapa Addiction Services lost the contract to provide addiction recovery services in the Wairarapa, the organisations that obtained the contract are CareNZ and Pathways.
2011: There was a group of us running a support group called Tumanako, {Hope} we were present or past clients of CareNZ, situated at 186 Chapel Street Masterton.
We were self-funded, we were offering, support and help for people with their disabilities, addictions and mental health problems, we did not receive any government funding and were not seeking any.
2011: A meeting was held at Chapel street, the C.EO of CareNZ attended, I asked him if they could provide us with a transitional councillor once weekly for 2 hours, to keep us safe, attendance 5-18 people per day, CareNZ is contracted to help us, The C.E.O said no , and would not give a reason.
The president of Tumanako, asked the Wairarapa area manager for CareNZ, Mary Freeman if we could have a councillor once a week, he asked weekly for months and was told no each time, Mary Freeman also told her staff not to have anything to do with us, we were discriminated against as a group, due to Tumanako highlighting shortfalls in the CareNZ service.
2011: During this time, current clients of CareNZ, asked if they could be put into the detox/respite house to maintain their sobriety, they were told no, or were discriminated against while in the Detox house, which was run by CareNZ/Pathways.
January 2012: I had an operation for kidney stones, the general anaesthetic or other drugs, {Tramadol risk of suicide} given to me affected my mental health and TBI; I received as a victim of crime, causing severe depression/suicidal ideation.
I contacted CareNZ, and asked if they could put me in the detox house, to monitor my mental health, and the hard drugs prescribed to me, they did not act upon this urgent request, CareNZ just referred me to Pathways, I then informed two Pathways workers of how unwell I was, they contacted Mary freeman, CareNZ, manager, the answer, was no, I was sent home, I also asked for help from my doctor, a triage took place where I again make multiple people aware of my mental health crisis, a referral letter for placement in CareNZ, detox/respite house is sent to ,Mary Freeman CareNZ, no action was taken.
2012: I file a complaint to CareNZ; they maintain this did not happen.
2012: I contact HDC advocacy service and lodge a complaint on the, 21 May 2012, important information is deleted, which perverts the course of a primary health and disability complaints mechanism, this has denied multiple people the right to an “affective remedy” and corrupted my systemic complaint.
A systemic cover-up has taken place; my doctor has also deleted/altered my medical notes.
2012, A settlement/resolution meeting is organised, I inform my HDC advocate that I would like my head injury councillor plus a lawyer to attend, they discriminate against me by not allowing me enough time to organise my support people, I am then Bullied and manipulated into signing the agreement.
2012: I am quite ill, and require a further operation, I ask to go into the detox house, this time I am admitted, while in there I am interrogated by a Pathways/CareNZ manager, Michelle Glenny, about my complaint and the running of Tumanako, I ask for a support person to be there, I am told no, further discrimination and bullying.
2012: Public meeting for consumers held at CareNZ offices, Dr Lynne Lane, commissioner for mental health and addiction attends CareNZ states in a letter sent to me and other consumers that individual meetings with Dr Lane are available.
I organised, and reconfirmed 3 times my interest of an individual meeting with Dr Lane to discuss my systemic complaint, CareNZ subverted my individual meeting with Dr Lane, CareNZ failed to inform Dr Lane that there were individual meetings organised, and there were 2 other people who had organised individual meetings with Dr Lane.
December 2012, I lodge a complaint with the, Health and disability commissioners office, I also send a replica copy to, Dr Lynne Lane, as of today 15/7/2014, I have not had any correspondence from Dr Lynne Lane.
Most of this I can prove with hard copy letters and emails.
Due to being subjected to multiple instances off negligence for months, I relapse into my life threatening addictions, I am emotionally and psychologically traumatised, my mental and general health are affected.
My partners has worried about me, it stressed her out considerably, causing her to have a severe stroke that almost took her life, I am my partners principle carer now.
2013. I start a page on Facebook called, human rights complaints New Zealand, where I try to bring attention to the plight of disabled people here in New Zealand.
I start to make comment about the New Zealand GCSB and TICs bills, and how they violate New Zealand’s civil and human rights.
I am then subjected to covert surveillance and actions, this starts before the, GCSB bill becomes law and went on for most of 2013.
My Vodafone mobile data and cell phone are interfered with; my partner’s telecom landline is also interfered with.
I have been trying to seek accountability for over 18 months, and have lodged complaints with multiple New Zealand government organisations, I have been “denied an effective remedy” and have been “denied access to justice” by all,here is the link to official information requests: http://tinyurl.com/maqva4l

Paul Riddler TBI underdog.


One response

  1. Hi Paul
    I am sad to hear of another case of the NZ health system mistreating disabled people. And it is ” normal” for the NZ govt to violate human rights especially if you have a disability/TBI . It is good that you are getting the truth out there as the govt funded disability blogs lie about the state of things and the horrors( abuse, negligence & even attempted murder/forced euthanasia )that are faced by people with disabilities.
    We have been fighting the Crown and the Crown’s corporation (govt) ombudsman for nearly 10 yrs still with no remedies for their criminal actions and no access to justice or access to legal entitlements( including acute medical ) that they denied.
    The negligent and criminal actions seem to be the unspoken norm TBI , “mentally ill” and disabled patients. It is because the people at the top are raving mad and corrupt and don’t care about health care just about cutting costs/ withholding needed medical treatments and care.
    I read a report acclaim Otago did to give to the UN. But the UN is a useless evil org too and did not care about the NZ govts human rights violations or breach of UN conventions.
    Anyhow we are alive despite them and that is our big ‘win” as that was not what they wanted.All my best to you and your partner- hopefully positive changes will come when people know what the govt does to the vulnerable.


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