New Zealand dirty politics and corruption destroys lives.

My name is Paul Riddler, i am a disabled human rights campainger, i live in New Zealand.
On the 20 September we had our general election, the encumbent primeminister John Key was re-elected, this was in the wake “dirty politics” (Ref: Nicky Hager Dirty Poltics)

I have been trying to bring attention to John Keys dirty tricks that have allowed him to be re-elelected for another term, which has led to New Zealand citizens not being able to have a informed, democratic decision leading up to the 20 September general election.

I have reeased an article with two examples of how, New Zealand “dirty politics” and corruption destroyes lives,

The reason i became a human rights campainger, is my partner and i, our whole family and multiple complainants had our lives destroyed by negligence and corruption.

While trying to seek accountabilty, my partner and i, who is also disabled now were subjected to covert surviellance and actions for all 2013, this is on going, as of writing this, here is a link to a official information request, i did not recieve the information, the government posted my adress online, Human rights complaints New Zealand – a Official Information Act request to Health and Disability Commissioner :

The surviellance was happening before the New Zealand GCSB and TICs bills became law, the nature of the surviellance was realtime interception of internet and communications, here is a link to a respected New Zealand professors article about the GCSB, Prof Dame Anne Salmond, article about GCSB bill democracy under fire, link here:Prof Dame Anne Salmond New Zealand democracy under threat.

The New Zealand priminister John Key theatened to cut the funding of our Human rights commissioner, due to the commissioner making a statement that the proposed GCSB and TICs bills violated New Zealand citizens human and civil rights.

Surviellance, internet censoreship, “dirty politics”  has denied New Zealand citizens a democratic election 2014.

Paul Riddler. TBIunderdog.

Article 19. UDHR.


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