New Zealand “dirty politics” John Key PM appology to Phil Geoff.

New Zealand John Keys, “dirty politics” 25 November 2014, Sorry Phil Geoff.

John Key subverted New Zealand’s democracy, SIS boss and PMs office released false information that compromised New Zealand citizens right to a fair just democratic election.

When is an appology, just not enough, “John Key and his cabinet must stand down”

  Hear no evil.                Speak no evil.             See no evil.

“Plausable deniability not good enough. ! ! ! Royal commission of inquiry into,
                                          “Dirty Politics”


New Zealand, breaking news: John Key SIS boss subverted New Zealand democracy by releasing false information about a political opponent, John Keys office implicated with suppling false information to hate blogger Cameron Slatter.
The content in Nick Hagers book “dirty politics” has been verified, New Zealand’s democracy is under fire, John Keys integrity as New Zealands prime minister is under the spotlight, he is the boss of the SIS, the buck stops there, he is responsible, blaming Warren Tucker is further diverting attention away from John Keys responsibility as New Zealand’s prime minister.

At the end of the day John Key is responsible for the actions of his staff and the actions of the New Zealand SIS.

New Zealand democracy systemically compromised by John Keys dirty politics, 25 November 2014.


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