Open letter to, Johnathan Coleman National Party Health minister, and Annette King, deputy leader NZ Labour party, should a government advocacy service conceal crimes and destroy lives.

The New Zealand office of human rights proceedings; OHRP has denied me access to justice by refusing to supply me legal representation to go the human rights review tribunal, this has denied me the opportunity to remedy serious breaches of multiple United Nations treaties the New Zealand government has ratified; these include the,UN International convention on civil and political rights ICCPR,UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, CRPD.
The primary New Zealand health and disability advocacy service, the Natiowide health and disability advocacy service which is directley funded by New Zealand Health and disability commission funding arm called vote health, these government entities denied me an effective remedy, multiple advocates including Betty Knott my advocate, Stacey Wilson regional advocacy manager and Vandy Pollard did collude to pervert my “serious systemic complaint”.
Betty Knott did record false harmfull, malicious information in my digital file of the personal details section of my HDC advocacy complaint that was lodged with HDC advicacy on the 21 May 2012, the information Betty Knott recorded was that i had a, (SIC) “i can not publish this information, it is that harmfull”.
Betty Knott my advocate also redacted very important information relating to the systemic nature of my serious complaint against CareNZ Pathways Wise Group.
The reason Betty Knott deleted information relating to systemic issues is, she was bound by the, New Zealand Health and disability Commissioner Act (The Act) , under, Advocacy Practice Guidelines, 7. Protecting the wider body of consumers, Betty Knott, Vandy Pollard and Stacey Wilson were required by law to report my systemic complaint to the ‘Director of advocacy’ Advocacy Guidelines for the Nationwide Advocacy Service Pursuant to section 28(1) of the HDC act 1994, reads as follow’s “I Annette King, Minister of Health, hereby approve the following guidelines made by the health and disability commissioner.
Dated at Wellington this day of March 2005, Annette King, New Zealand minister of health.
Nationwide health and disability advocacy service government officers, Betty Knott, Vandy Pollard and Stacey Wilson all were fully aware of my systemic complaint, Betty Knott did intentionally redact information relating to systemic issues from my complaint, Vandy Pollard and Stacey Wilson are assessories after the fact, first by being complicit with allowing the course of my systemic complaint to perverted, and then by “not taking the appropriate action to prevent physical harm to the complainant, me, and subsequentley my partner.
I informed Betty Knott more than once, that my physical and mental health had deteriorated due to the way my complaint was handled, i informed Betty Knott by phone and email of this fact, she recorded this information on the digital file if my HDC advocacy complaint, both Vandy Pollard, and Stacey Wilson would also have been fully aware of this fact, due to both these senior Nationwide health and disability advocacy service advocate,s having accessed the file of my complaint on more than one occassion.
Due to my general and mental health being negatively impacted by the way my HDC advocacy complaint was handled, i became very sick and suicidal, i had relapsed fully into my addiction to alcohol, my partner was very stressed due to worring about me possibly committing suicide, on Monday 8 October 2012, my soulmate had an horrific stroke that allmost took her life, she has been left an high needs quadraplegic, every movement is by hoist, she can not feed herself, her life will never be the same again, she is speech impaired and the worst of all, her personality has been effected.
So the criminal negligent actions of Mary Freeman that nearly cost me my life, have been concealed by multiple people, they have deleted my personal medical notes, they have perverted the course of my complaint, they have put the boot into me when i was most vulnerable, they have destroyed my family, and hurt the one i love so much, and still there is no justice, New Zealand’s health and disability sector has been broken and corrupted by 30 years of a failed neoliberal experiment.


My complaint centred around a mental health and addiction provider manager call Mary Freeman CareNZ Pathways Wise Group, photo bellow.


This provider manager intentionally denied me access to a CareNZ respite facility when i was suicidal from experiencing dangerous side effects from a drug called Tramadol.
The criminal actions of Mary Freeman, negligent attempted manslaughter were recorded/reported under oath this year at a New Zealand Ministry of Justice ACC appeal tribunal, Judge Denese Henare presided over this ACC appeal for treatment injury, Judge Denese Henare suppressed the decision and information about who the health and disability provider where.
The ACC appeal suppression order to protect CareNZ Pathways Wise Group and the licenced, unlicenced medical practioners who colluded to conceal the criminal actions of Mary Freeman CareNZ, Pathways Wise Group has again denied me an effective remedy.
The New Zealand Office of human rights proceedings, OHRP has denied me access to justice to go, to the New Zealand human rights review tribunal, i supplied documented evidence to prove that Nationwide health and disability advocacy service not only violated multiple United Nations treaties, but also perverted the course of justice relating to the serious crime of attempted manslaughter.
The other New Zealand government HDC officer who was also fully aware of my systemic complaint is Dr Lynne Lane, addiction and mental health commissioner, Dr Lynne Lane attended a public meeting at CareNZ rooms, this happened before my partner had a stroke, i spoke of my systemic complaint at this public meeting, i also sent a replica copy of my complaint to her office, December 2012, Dr Lynne Lane did not even reply to my complaint, i didn’t even recieve a confirmation letter, as required by law, under the HDC act: picture of Dr Lynne Lane below.


So Annette King, deputy leader, New Zealand Labour Party, should New Zealand’s primary government health and disability adocacy service collude to conceal serious crimes, “to collude to conceal another persons crime, makes that person/persons assessories after the fact”, is that, HDC advocacy’s mandate, under the law that you signed, Advocacy guidelines for the Nationwide advocacy service, that you brought into law in 2005, section 28, Health and disability commissioner act.
Please refer to number 8 “Priorities”.
Annette King, number 8 reads as follows:
Persons who are least able to self-advocate,are those persons whose welfare is most at risk and do not have an appropiate support person, are the priority for all inquiry and complaint advocacy services to consumers.
Those considered as having their welfare most “at risk” are likley to be consumers who may experience two or more of the following:
-Very little social contact.
-Little or no family support.
-Diffficulty in communicating and being understood.
-Living in a situation where, physical, emotional, mental or financial abuse by an infirmal or formal caregiver is threatened, ir has occured.

-(Mental illness and drug or alcohol addictions that may impede their ability to reason and/or be understood or taken seriously. ENDS.

So Annette King, in light of the current crisis state our mental health sector is in , and New Zealand’s horrific suicide rate, do you think New Zealand’s health and disability sector and Health and disability commissioner Act is in need of an overhaul, or will New Zealand Labour Party and other opposition parties sit on there hands, and do nothing to protect New Zealand’s most vulnerable citizens, why have consequetive New Zealand governments allowed such damaging corruption to infect our government entities including the HDC and HRC who are supposed to protect our most vulnerable.

It is the New Zealand governments responsibility to protect our vulnerable, consequetive governments from both sides of the political devide, have failed.

Why did New Zealand politicians allow our suicide rate to get this bad  ?


#SuicideShameNZ, #ReformHDC, #RealAdvocacy.

Mary Freeman’s motive.
Mary Freeman was hired as a temporary manager for CareNZ, Pathways Wise Group, Wairarapa Addiction services lost the Wairarapa DHB, and government contracts, Mary Freeman was hired to oversee the smooth transition of the new mental health and addiction providers in the Wairarapa,she was also an enforcer who denied people who attended Tumanako much needed support during 2011/2012
During the same period, Paula Bennett MSD minister, plus Paula Rebstock enforced harmfull welfare reforms and sanctions, CareNZ, Pathways,Workwise of Wise Group were part of this attack on our most vulnerable that has seen thousands of people culled off welfare, many have ended up homeless, some have committed suicide.

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