Below the line; living poor in America, Wall Street bankers like New Zealand’s PM John Key have through their criminal actions; created desparate generational poverty in the US, now bankster crook John Key is destroying NZ’s economy, spiralling unpresedented debt; serious social problems, inequality and poverty, below the line; living poor in New Zealand; this is John Keys brighter future.


Why Was Phil Goff Silenced And Why Did Netanyahu Phone John Key Four Times On The Day Of The Chch Earthquake

New Zealand PM John Keys traitorous connections to the zionist regime and his unlawfull use of the SIS to smear Phil Goff of the Labour party, PM John Key is not acting in best interests of New Zealand citizens, he has actively concealed SIS documents that prove he used the SIS to conceal zionist crimes against the state of New Zealand.

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

Update II: Wow, they deleted the link to my article on Reddit too!

Update I: I just found that my article was linked to at reddit and there were a few remarks there I thought I’d address:

First of all, I don’t see a Jewish Conspiracy. I see a country which was obtained by deceit and terror for a group of people who, while claiming they were Jews, were very much part of a secular movement. The Zionist movement is a young political movement while the Judaic faith is a very old religion and there are millions of Jews who very much against the state of Israel and who say that Jews are the people who believe in the Judaic religion and as such do not represent a race.I also see a very well organised Zionist network around the world which is well financed and which uses the terms anti…

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Valerie Morse: “peace without justice – is pacification”

New Zealand National government led by John Key supports and condones horrific human rights abuses abroad and at home, under PM John Keys dictatorship we have seen New Zealands standing as one of the most socially advanced counties in the world decline to a devided class system that punishes the most vulnerable with toxic human rights violating social policies.


Peace activist Valerie Morse has been running Peace Action Wellington and Rebel Press for over ten years, and is the author of Against Freedom: The War on Terrorism in Everyday New Zealand Life. These are Valerie’s written answers to a set of questions for activists.

Valerie Morse. Source: New Zealand Listener

Did you grow up in a politicised family? How did the politics of your childhood home affect you?

I am a child of US-propaganda, of the Cold War and of Reaganomics. My parents were not political people in my childhood, although they became so much later in my life. Funnily enough, however, my father’s hatred of the police is something I definitely inherited. I remember so vividly how he used to call them “the village idiots.” I really appreciate the effect on me of his total loathing of illegitimate authority.

What politicised you? Did you have a penny drop…

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Mary Freeman Wairarapa Addiction manager negligent criminal actions and the sharing of private information to pervert the course of a systemic HDC advocacy complaint.

New Zealand, Mary Freeman ex Wise Group CareNZ,Pathways addiction councilor violated her code of ethics as perscribed by Dapaanz, by sharing some of my highly confidential private information with an advocate called Betty Knott who worked for the Wairarapa Nationwide health and disability advocacy service.
The private information Mary Freeman accessed came from my personal councilling notes retained at CareNZ, Mary Freeman CareNZ addiction manager colluded with Betty Knott to pervert the course of a serious systemic complaint that i lodged with the Wairarapa Nationwide health and disability advocacy service.
Mary Freeman has violated her code of ethicsMary Freeman Wairarapa Dapaanz code of ethics.

Betty Knott Wairarapa Nationwide health and disability advocacy service also deleted very important information from my HDC complaint relating to systemic issues, document enclosed.


Betty Knott, Wairarapa Nationwide health and disability advocate deleted infirmation relating to systemic issues.

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Angeline Jolie: Arabs and Muslims are not terrorists, the world should unite against Israel

Why Taken for a Ride Again?

New Zealand ACC “discrimination against bikers”.


Why are we doing this documentary? Why are we asking you to help pay for it? Well read on and I will tell you why.

Softening up:

ACC are suggesting to the NZ Public that we Bikers, are, effectively bludgers getting a free ride. For my non Anzac audience a ‘bludger’ is a sponge, a moocher, a freeloader…. You get the drift.

ACC have initiated a campaign proactively smearing us as citizens, playing the numbers and stats game to make us look bad and get public opinion onside to hit us a MASSIVE levy increase in the future.

Easy Targets Proof we are a unique consideration to ACC’s strategic plans

This disinformation is a clever tool, they are only telling the truth, but in a selective and accusatory manner.

They have released information showing that if we paid for our own costs, across every biker, we would have to pay 2,114$ for big…

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New $10 power system for vehicle and home in 2016

Magrav Plasma Power: “A tool of peace has been given, the rest is up to the people”, i would like to try one of these units please.

Connectivist Collective


October 26th, 2015 marks the day of the global blueprint distribution of the Keshe Foundation Magrav Plasma Power Production Units: plasma-based, free-energy technology.

This week the Keshe Foundation is open to the public on all weekday mornings starting at 10:00 CET and in the afternoons at 14:00 CET through friday October 30th, 2015. Watch the live teachings of the technology through [ Livestream ], [ Youtube ] and [ Zoom ].

The first official disclosure was successfully broadcast live by the Keshe Foundation during the October 16th 2015 Ambassador Meeting in Rome. Participating nations include: Mozambique, Nigeria, Palestine, Belarus, Ghana, China, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Iraq, Norway, USA, Romania, Malta, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Poland and others.

Full 2 hours 45 minutes October 16, 2015 Disclosure:

[ 1 hour 30 minute version ] [ 15 minute version

By accepting to take home the distributed free energy devices, the ambassadors from these nations have agreed…

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First It Was Christchurch, Now It’s The Sky Contract. John Key Fattening His Masters AGAIN!

New Zealand corporate and political corruption is rife under the dictatorship of the New Zealand National party.

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

In light of Fletcher winning the bid to build the Auckland Casino expansion here is what I wrote on December 2011. In order to understand what is happening you need this information. What it basically boils down to is that John Key has presented his banking masters with a $477 million bonus by giving the contract to Fletcher.


Last week Christchurch Rapper Trillion drew my attention to a list of shareholders of Fletcher and with the news media writing about the old boys network finding cushy jobs for their offspring I thought it was time I brought out the information I was able to put together which shows exactly how incestuous the upper echelons of the international elite is and how connected John Key is to all this  and why we should not be surprised to see Nepotism rear it’s ugly head in Christchurch.

Trillion asked on his facebook…

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Anne Tolley’s psycopathy – public for all to see

New Zealand MSD minister Ann Tolley and the endemically sick human rights violating culture of the New Zealand National party, multiple complaints have been made to the United Nations, but unfortunitley the corrupt National party fabricate evidence to conceal human rights violations.

Frankly Speaking...


msd logo1


14 October: Surplus

On 14 October, seven years after National came to power, Finance Minister Bill English, announced that  his government had posted it’s first surplus; $414 million for the last financial year. English said,

“So that means the government has to take a different approach to reducing debt and maintaining surpluses than we have done in previous cycles.

So there won’t be any sense of the constraints coming off because I think in the past that has been the expectation after a period of constraint. It’s important that we continue to focus on improving our expenditure management so that we don’t slip into old habits and put that 10 kilos back on again.

The Budget 2015 one was pretty slim. We’ve had six months of growth that were softer than expected, that seems to be coming right now. But we’ve yet to see what impact that will…

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Open letter to National voters 2: On Shaving Pubic Hair, Pissing In The Shower, Feeding Chickens Or Why We Should Not Be Surprised John Key Talks Dirty On The Radio

Who is John Key, is he one of the criminal bankers and trader who intentionally caused the GFC, or is he just the bloke next door who pisses in the shower and plays with girls ponytails, the more sinister side of New Zealand’s primeminister John Key is that he is still working for the banking cabal, and he is plunging New Zealand into un-presedented debt to make New Zealand vulnerable to corporate take-over via the trans-pacific-partnership-agreement, John Key has millions of dollars in shares with Bank of America, so that would seem to be “confliction of interest” that many Kiwi’s would deem to be criminal considering a large part of New Zealand’s debt is with Bank of America, so “who is John Key, and does he represent the best interests of all New Zealand citizens.

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

Dear National voter,

John Key made it on the John Oliver show again. And once again it was for all the wrong reasons.

I don’t get why this is such a surprise and here is why:

First of all John Key is a banker. Not an ex-banker but a banker. He never left the banking world. You can’t. First of all you have most of your wealth in shares in the bank you worked for (Well, he has anyway) and they can mysteriously lose all their value if you make the wrong decisions. It’s a bit like being in the Mafia. Once you’re in, you’re in for life!

When he goes abroad he visits with many banking bigwigs. When he visits England he visits the banks of England governor du Jour. In New York he visits with top Wall street bankers. In the run up to his first Prime Ministerial…

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